Footrests Billet Ballpointed with frame holder clamp



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We offer here a pair of very elegant

additional foot rests in ball pointed design.

They are made from billet aluminium

and then high-gloss chrome-plated.

The additional foot rests are really very classy

and will enhance any bike.

You are responsible for crash bars

and frame tubes

with a suitable diameter of 1-1/4"

The total length is approximately

11.5" with holder.

The length from pipe after assembly is 9.8",

the rest itself has a length of 6-1/4",

the diameter is about 1.3" .

The rest is infinitely adjustable.

It is possible to remove the clamp

and mount the rest with bracket

directly with a screw.

They can also be attached as normal foot rests

to the standard bracket of the bike.



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